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Which Airlines Allow Hedgehogs on Planes? [2023 Policies & Prices]

There are airlines that allow hedgehogs on their planes, believe it or not!

Although not many airlines will allow these adorable spikey creatures on board their planes, some do.

The following airlines allow pet hedgehogs in cabin:

The following airlines allow pet hedgehogs in cargo hold:

Airlines have rather strict rules and regulations when it comes to taking hedgehogs on their planes. This is in the interest of your pet’s own health and safety.

In this article, we will list each airlines policies, including carrier weight and size restrictions, and the number of hedgehogs you are allowed to bring. Furthermore, we will list the airline’s prices for bringing a hedgehog on board the cabin and in the cargo.

Aeroflot’s Hedgehog Policy & Prices


  • Number of hedgehogs permitted: no limit, as long as the hedgehogs have sufficient space within the container
  • Carrier size restrictions: 44х30х26 cm for a rigid carrier and the sum of all dimensions must not exceed 126 cm for soft pet carriers
  • Carrier weight restrictions: cannot exceed 8kg (including carrier)
  • Cost for domestic flight: 3,750 RUB / 57 USD (approx.)
  • Cost for international flight: 75 USD
  • Additional information:
    • only one carrier permitted per person.


  • Number of hedgehogs permitted: one hedgehog per crate / customers may ship multiple crates.
  • Crate size restrictions: N/A
  • Crate weight restrictions: cannot exceed 50kg
  • Cost for domestic flight: 3,750 RUB / 57 USD (approx.)
  • Cost for international flight: 75 USD
  • Additional information:
    • The crate should be made of rigid, shock-resistant materials and equipped with handles so that it can be lifted and carried by two freight handlers.
    • The crate should be covered with a thick opaque cloth to prevent admission of light.

For more information flying with hedgehog, check Aeroflot’s website here.

Air Canada’s Hedgehog Policies & Prices



  • Number of hedgehogs permitted: no limit – the number you can bring only depends on their weight and the aircraft they are booked on.
  • Crate size restrictions: N/A
  • Crate weight restrictions: N/A
  • Fee: depends on the weight and size of crate, and route (call 1 800 387 4865 for details)
  • Additional information:
    • Hedgehogs cannot fly to destinations where temperatures are higher than 29.5ºC.

For more information on hedgehogs flying in cargo, check Air Canada’s website here.

West Jet’s Hedgehog Policies & Prices



  • Number of hedgehogs permitted: two to six per person, depending on aircraft / two within one crate
  • Crate size restrictions: 101x68x76 cm
  • Crate weight restrictions: 45 kg (up to 100 lb.)
  • Fees for travel within/between Canada and the U.S.: 100 – 118 USD
  • Fees for travel between Canada/U.S. and all destinations outside the U.S.: 200 – 236 USD
  • Additional information:
    • Crates must be hard-sided and have any wheels removed.
    • Although WestJet accepts the following pets in checked baggage, not all pets are accepted in all countries.

For more information on hedgehogs flying in cargo, check West Jet’s website here.

How to keep a hedgehog warm for travel.

Keeping your hedgehog warm for travel is vital for its wellbeing. As I’m sure you are aware, hedgehogs are creatures that hibernate. In the wild they will hibernate during winter to avoid the pressures of a harsh, cold environment.

For maximum health, hedgehog should remain between 24ºC and 27ºC (75ºF to 80ºF). If your hedgehog’s temperature falls below this then he may start to hibernate.

Before setting of on your flight, be sure to use a thermometer to check the container is at a comfortable temperature.

The following are 9 easy ways to keep a hedgehog warm during travel:

  1. Warm your vehicle before introducing your hedgehog (if travelling in a car)
  2. Use a smaller travel container rather than a large one
  3. Add plenty of bedding to the travel carrier
  4. Put a secure lid on your hedgehog’s container
  5. Cover your hedgehog’s container in a blanket
  6. Use a hot water bottle
  7. Use hand warmers
  8. Use microwaveable heat packs
  9. Make a home-made warmer from a socks and rice

For further information on each of these methods, check 9 Easy Ways to Keep a Hedgehog Warm During Travel.

Traveling with a hedgehog in a car

Traveling can be very stressful for a hedgehog. High stress levels can lead to sickness and in bad cases, death. This is why it is so important to be careful when transporting a hedgehog.

If you are traveling to the airport in a car, keep to the following guidelines to ensure your hedgehog is happy and comfortable:

  1. Use an appropriate travel carrier.
  2. Line the bottom with a grippy material.
  3. Make your hedgehog’s travel carrier a dark cosy den.
  4. Get your hedgehog used to it’s travel home.
  5. Practice travelling with your hedgehog in the car.
  6. Pack all the essentials.
  7. Ensure the car is an appropriate temperature.
  8. Strap the carrier into the car with a seat belt or place it securely on the floor behind a seat.
  9. During the car journey check up on your hog often.
  10. After the car journey try to recreate your hedgehog’s normal environment.

For further information, please check How to Safely Transport your Hedgehog in a Car.





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Not that many airlines do, Aeroflot, AIr Canada and West Jet all allow hedgehogs on their planes, in either their cabin or the cargo hold.

It is important to note that each airline has different rules for different routes, destination countries and aircrafts. Therefore, it is vital that you check policies for your specific route.

Furthermore, the majority of airlines have a limit on the number of pets that can fly per aircraft, so, always check availability before booking.

Hope you have found this helpful.

Happy travels!

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